Suns Out, Goths Out.

You'll hear me talking about "stepping out my comfort zone" and "trying something new" in some posts, especially when it comes to fashion. My normal go-to outfit is something comfortable, stylish and it's normally all in the colour black. But that's one part of me, my rock'n'roll goth side and then there is this other side of me, my vintage country part. I love both, it depends what sort of mood/ who I'm listening to too see which side comes out for the day. And this time, colour beat black.


Hi Again.

Third time lucky eh? Here I am again, sat on my bed and writing to whoever will end up reading this. Do I go in with the boring details on how I felt like I was shit at blogging and I just didn't have the motivation to go over to my laptop, didn't know what to write and I just allowed life get in the way? A lot has changed since then; I've moved again, got into a new relationship, I've gone vegetarian and changed the colour of my hair. Which we can all agree, changes everything. New hair, new chapter. (We'll ignore the fact I've been blonde since December) 

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