Suns Out, Goths Out.

You'll hear me talking about "stepping out my comfort zone" and "trying something new" in some posts, especially when it comes to fashion. My normal go-to outfit is something comfortable, stylish and it's normally all in the colour black. But that's one part of me, my rock'n'roll goth side and then there is this other side of me, my vintage country part. I love both, it depends what sort of mood/ who I'm listening to too see which side comes out for the day. And this time, colour beat black.

The weather has been gorgeous recently and after being at work Monday - Friday. I wanted to take advantage of the lovely weather knowing it won't stay with us for long and it'll rain soon enough. (I'm pretty sure as I'm writing this, I can hear the rain outside.) So when Saturday came around, I wanted to get some skin out and enjoy some ciders with the family in the sun. I originally picked up this wrap style dress from Primark (£13) for a staff night out, I fell in love with it when I saw it on the mannequin, it was the perfect dress that could be worn during the day and then dressed up for a night out too. When I first saw it, I thought it was a bright red colour until I got it home, tried it on and noticed it was a  beautiful burnt orange colour. That shows you how much I pay attention when it comes to shopping. So I tighten the fabric around the waist as much as I can, just to define my hourglass figure even more. 

I've been in love with the western style out right now. The studs and buckles still bring out the rock side too. I picked these boots up from a New Look sale for £9! Such comfy boots, and another piece of clothing I can wear for a daytime like this, for work and even for a casual night out. Serving you that Dolly Parton realness.
I don't care if chockers and hoops are out of style because they're my statement pieces. Primark has the best selection of chockers and different style hoops and trust me. You can never have too many! Someone remind me next time to apply suncream. I didn't realise how badly I burnt until I got home and needed a cold shower. But you can already see my chest and legs going red, so guys remember your suncream!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine.
Kourtney x

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