What I'm Wanting From The Rest of the Year.

Can you believe it's May already? January felt like it lasted forever, but since then the months have just been and gone in a blink of the eye. And it's been quite an emotional rollercoaster. Personally, I felt like I needed. I needed to go down this pathway to discover what I want. What I want when it comes to the people I surround myself around, relationships and just life in general. So what better way to make a solid commitment to yourself by writing out a blog post.

1. I'm wanting to keep my guards/ walls down. 
Seeing my recent relationship didn't end the way I wanted it to. In that space of time, I let my guides and walls down which have taking years to build around myself. Yes, they're a barrier but they were my security blanket. But I don't want to hide anymore, I don't want to "play it safe" when it comes to my emotional side. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but it's not a barrier to me anymore. It's not a weakness. Life is all about having fun, experimenting and meeting new people.

2. Know my worth.
I need to stop letting people walk all over me. I need to know my worth and remember who I am. I'm funny, I'm kind, I'm loyal. I put people over myself, I smile at strangers. I have flaws, I'm not perfect but I'm my definition of perfect. I love my body, I love my life. I love myself. And none of these statements are a weakness. I want to be more cut-throat, I want to say how I feel more often, I shouldn't be afraid of whats people think of me. I shouldn't change or belittle myself to fit around someone else.
3. Have more fun.
 2018 is nearly over. C'mon, it's May already soon it'll be my birthday and next it'll be Halloween and Christmas. Practically over. I want to fill these next 7 months with laughter. I want to make lifetime memories, take photos that I can look back on and smile. I have so many exciting events coming up already this year too. But I want to fill in all the gaps with adventures with people I care about and even new people.

4. Being true to myself. 
As much as I don't want to put my guards up, I do want to spend some quality time with myself. Learning more about myself, what I like and don't. Taking time, even an hour a day, to have quality me time. I'll use that time to journal about my day, my thoughts and worries. Work on something I can then look back on and see how much I've grown. I could use that time to write more poetry, read a chapter of a new book and listen to music. Little things that keep my mind sane.
There we go. 4 solid commitments to myself. I don't want to go back on myself. I don't want recent events to shadow my future and the rest of my exciting year. I want 2018 to be my year, the year that I can look back on and smile about it all. Every detail, every milestone. Everything.
Here's hoping I stick to these. Do you have any commitments to yourself?

Kourtney x


  1. So inspirational that you are using your experiences to tear down the walls and barriers. Remember your worth and remember you are loved. You will have an awesome 2018! ������

  2. Loved reading this you're amazing! ���� xx


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