Download Festival: Grunge Realness.

The main band I was gleaming with excitement for were Avenged Sevenfold. A band who I have been obsessed with since I was a wee baby of thirteen years old. I first saw them live back in 2009, and Download would make it my fourth time. If I could afford following a whole tour of theirs, I would do it in a heartbeat; which why it's number one of my bucket list. I was so excited to see them again that much when they were announced as a headlining band, I bought my ticket the next weekend.


Download Festival: Leopard Print Dreams.

*in a really annoying singing voice* I'm baccccccckkkkkkkkk!!

Okay, right. Back to business, back to the work. Two posts wrote in one day, who do I think I am? But this post is on a much happier note, back about something I love and I'm passionate about. To celebrate my birthday, me and one of my childhood best friend, Becca, went to Download Festival. We've wanted to go for years for as long as I can remember, every lineup that came out, year after year, we said "Let's do it." but finally we went and we conquered the five days. Five days of camping, booze and little to no sleep at all. But at the end of it, we turned around and said: "Same again next year?" 


Through Pain, There Is Beauty.

Hello again and welcome back to my blog. To me, my blog is my safe haven. My online journal for you all to read and sometimes, life gets dark. It gets tough. It's taken me quite a while to write this post for you guys. To try and explain in a few words about where I've been, what has happened in my life without me trying to sound like a victim like I'm fishing for all the compliments in the world. When all I'm wanting and seeking, is some sort of closure to this chapter. To put some sort of light back into my life.
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