Download Festival: Grunge Realness.

The main band I was gleaming with excitement for were Avenged Sevenfold. A band who I have been obsessed with since I was a wee baby of thirteen years old. I first saw them live back in 2009, and Download would make it my fourth time. If I could afford following a whole tour of theirs, I would do it in a heartbeat; which why it's number one of my bucket list. I was so excited to see them again that much when they were announced as a headlining band, I bought my ticket the next weekend.
I mentioned in my Leopard Print Dreams how I had outfits planned in my head. I had every picture down, every aspect in my mind. But for Friday, the weather had a different story for me. Even though the other four days were glorious sunshine, Friday was overcast with the odd shower but still warm enough to rock a crop top. As you can probably telll from the photos, the sunshine was a no-show. In my mind, I originally wanted to wear a checked mini skirt. But lucky I packed my leather jeans just in case the weather decided to change on us, which I only packed the night before I left.

But I think my leather jeans made the outfit so much better then I think the checkered skirt would. It added that glam rock/ grunge touch which I'm obsessed with. I wear these jeans all the time, they work for work and for a night out and for £9 from Primark, I wish I stocked up! I got them in a 20 and they're now too big on me.

But the main attraction of this post is my handmade Avenged Sevenfold crop top. I saw a post on Pinterest of a crop top in high waisted jeans and knew I had to attempt in recreating the crop top. But ended up recreating the whole outfit. I bought the top in a man's XL for a couple of reasons; 1. I knew it would fit and 2. I wanted it oversized. And both boxes were ticked and to make it even better I didn't see anyone else in the same top as me.

I also wore fishnets under my jeans and pulled them right up to cover my stomach. I have never worn a crop top before in my adult life. It's a barrier I've wanted to break down since I became so aware of how much "rules and regulations" society have attempted to make for women my size. They tell us we're not allowed to wear crop tops, short skirts and bodycon clothing. Well, fuck you. So soon enough, my fishnets were just another element of my grunge-inspired outfit.

Avenged didn't disappoint either. The setlist, the fire, the fireworks and the tribute to The Rev were all perfect. It made my weekend, my birthday and the whole fucking year for me. When a band means so much to you and their music has been with you through everything, I'll always cry when I see them live. I danced, I screamed and sobbed my little black heart along with them. So thank you guys for making amazing music and please come back soon so I can cry all over again.

Kourtney x


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