She's Back Again.

It's a brand new year, we're already twenty-two days into the said year and here I am again! I think this might be my fourth time? Yeah.. fourth time at this blogging game and you'd think I would just throw my hands up in defeat, but nope. I'm here, I'm back and most importantly, I'm unapologetic.

I'm not going to apologise for abandoning the ship and jumping overboard, because last year was a shit show. I'm not even going to go into it, I'm not going to give you a rundown or look for pity. 2018 was defiantly full of highs and memories I'll cherish for the rest of my life. But it'll also hold some lows and dark days. But most importantly, that's where it'll stay. In the past, in my journal. Locked away and hidden away. I've done my learning, so now I can start my living.

Learning for the lows, gave me the highs and allowed me to live. I travelled over the country to meet a guy off Tinder and came home with a boyfriend and feeling loved. I allowed myself to live in the moment, and signed a goods friend register at her wedding! I dabbled with my fashion and found who I was again. I unleashed my pain into my practice and found my love for tarot reading, herbs and poetry. I lost family members but gained a beautiful nephew and one of my best friends moved home. I've fought, cried but I've laughed so hard I've pissed myself and got drunk with friends.
All the memories I'll forever cherish and hold close to my heart. Memories that when I think back on them now, writing this, I want to burst with happiness because I'm so grateful they happened during a time, I didn't want to live anymore.
So what will make this time around different to the rest? I'm doing this for me. I love being creative, being able to express myself and write. I love talking about something I'm passionate about, making new friends - and this way I do. I'm not going to worry about "the correct posting times" or numbers, stats and how many people viewed my new post and from where. I'm not going to watch my follower count on social media (Even though hitting 1,000 followers on Instagram was a high for 2018. Just saying, I love a good selfie) I'm just going to write what I want to, post outfits I want to (even if some of them are recycled) and just be me.
Kourtney the goth from down the street, who has gone grey at 24.

Kourtney x

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