As people, we have many characteristics. Good and bad, we all carry something that defines us as a person. I would say (and like to think) one of my characteristics, is my big heart. The main one which defines me as a person, which is the one thing I mainly look for when it comes to my fellow peers, family and future relationships. It's my biggest rise and my biggest downfall. So I find myself asking myself; can I really forgive?

My forgiveness is something that I think will kill me. Because I forgive everyone. I am a firm believer that everyone and anybody who crosses my path in life deserve a second, third and maybe forth chance at proving me wrong. Proving to me that the image I have for this person can be altered or changed in some way, some form. And that's why my forgiveness will kill me because naturally that image never alters no matter how many times I'll try, and no matter how many times I wish.
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